Our Shipping

What is the time frame for placing order and receiving the products?

Pharmin will complete the orders up to 6 weeks upon receipt of official purchase order.

Does Pharmin pricing cover shipping costs?

For wholesales orders, the pricing listed does not include shipping costs since Pharmin pricing are FOB. FOB means Pharmin’s warehouse, which is in San Jose, CA, USA.

Does Pharmin ship orders to overseas countries upon request?

Pharmin will forward the shipments per customer’s requests . This type of shipment is CIF. Pharmin will cover all US custom fees, freight forwarding, issuance of certificate origins and insurance. Pharmin will quote the customer according to the products shipment destinations.

Can Pharmin send the products to any part of the world?

Pharmin International Exports will identify each client and ordering country according to US Department of Commerce regulations. Pharmin will not ship or trade with a client who is listed on unauthorized export entity.

Does Pharmin trade with customer in embargoed countries by the United States?

Pharmin will trade with customers from embargoed countries upon approval from the government of the United States. Pharmin will request the government of the United States to grant specific exclusive licenses to trade with such countries.

Can I order a single unit of any product?

Pharmin is not a retail entity and will not accept such orders.