We measure success by the strength of our partnerships. To this end, Pharmin USA LLC has partnered with reputed academia and pharmaceutical entities worldwide.

Our effective partnerships support our promises further to achieve our goals of innovating and delivering efficient pharmaceuticals into the markets.

To this end, we search globally for innovative product candidates at various stages with a clear goal to accelerate the delivery of novel and highly effective products and services to the global marketplace.

Through these key client connections, we continually work to expand our product offerings, developing new strategies to improve our overall efficiency and implementing measures to ensure the availability of affordable options.


We proud of our following reputed partners collaborating in field of research, manufacturing and marketing:

 Apotex Pharmaceuticals, Toranto, Canada

 Rugby Laboratories, Michigan, USA 

 Bergen Corporation, pharmaceutical provider, Chester brook, Pennsylvania USA

 Boehringer Ingelheim Laboratories, Ingelheim, Germany

 Arvin America Incorporation, nutraceutical provider, California USA

 Dollhouse University, school of medicine, Halifax, Canada

 Arvin Arman GR, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical provider, Tehran, Iran

 Abifisa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

 University of California San Diego, school of medicine, San Diego, USA