Research & Development

Research and Development Division

Pharmin research and development division, R&D, with collaborations with academia has been continuously in a search of novel pharmaceuticals and novel applications of the existing products. To this end, Pharmin's products posses better delivery profiles, less side effects, and better regiment compliance. Recently, Pharmin R&D has been able to discover the effect of novel COX inhibitor, Arthrocen, on inflammatory conditions such  as  joint degenerative disease. Our discovery showed that Arthrocen is as effective as Celebrex 200 mg for joint inflammation. Arhrocen is capable of lowering the level of inflammatory mediators such as IL-1 almost equal to Celebrex. However our product does not affect PGE2 levels in absence of inflammation. The result indicted that botanical based Arthrocen is as efficient as Celebrex yet safer with less side effects (click here for details).

Pharmin R&D has developed new protein supplement, Americana whey, which does not contain r-BGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone), nor antibiotic. American whey holds the maximum protein per gram, low carbohydrates and cholesterol. The protein can be emulsified easily in low amounts of any  juices or water.

Pharmin R&D evaluates effects of its products through basic science investigations, animal model studies and human controlled trials. At this stage, R&D divisions is completing several human randomized controlled trials on Pharmin products. The trend of designing a new formula, developing a safer dosage form, presenting the related data in peer-reviewed publications, and effective market approaches are few examples that Phamin undertakes to reach out patients for efficient products helping them to achieve better life. This trend is the cornerstone of Pharmin's missions and will continue in future.