Our experts in the Legal Division follow the State and Federal Export Regulations enforced by the United States Department of Commerce and the Treasury. Our experts will acquire export licenses via the related Federal Agencies and complete legalization, authentication, and notarization of the documents upon our customers’ request, and effectively prevent any re-entry to the US markets by performing due diligence of our clientele and confirm the exported US pharmaceuticals pass through customs.

Pharmin is thoroughly familiar with the international guidelines related to the registration and export to various global regions. Pharmin possesses a comprehensive list of documentation required by Territory Regulatory Affairs including:

  • Certificate of Origin
  • Free Sale Certificate
  • Product Importing File
  • Exclusive Agency
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Embassies Certifications
  • Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products
  • Pharmin USA’s assigned-freight-forwarders will conduct and follow through entire shipment steps in order to secure the shipment timing.

Export steps include:

  1. Custom Clearance and Brokerage
  2. Shipper Export Declarations
  3. Certificate of Origins
  4. Custom Duties and Insurances
  5. Letter of Credits
  6. Packing Documents
  7. Invoices
  8. Export Licenses